Closing to Mind Myself

Closing to Mind Myself

I am not even sure where to start. I did not imagine after developing the concept and the products two years ago, that I would come to this decision. 

After much back and forth and inner turmoil. I've come to the decision to close Glow Circle over the next month. This has not been an easy decision as I still very much believe in Glow Circle's ethos and I have been so blessed by the incredible people who have crossed my path. Thank you,  does not quite come close enough to all of your support during this chapter of my life. 

 I have really needed you all and you have helped me more than you may know. I do hope that I have made a little difference and given you helpful tips to help boost your feel good too.

I am very sad and disappointed to say goodbye to my products, my virtual 'shop', the market's, pop ups and meeting you all, the chats and laughs. Each connection made and hearing your feedback which always gave me butterflies. Every single order that came through I would say 'OMG YAY' and would leave me bouncing. I felt like I knew my customers personally and so many of you we built a bond.

Still even as I write this, I still think is this the right thing??? I know deep down it is, there are so many reasons. It fundamentally comes down the  negative impact of the change in the current climate, the multiple streams of sacrifice and dedication required for a startup to thrive and survive whilst sustaining my own health and wellness,  something had to give. 

People always asked how I do it all, the truth is, I have struggled to. Some things in my life have certainly been sacrificed. I want to step back and take time to live, to breathe and focus on my own selfcare habits.

I know this will not be the end and changes may be on the horizon, but at this time, I will be taking a much needed break  for recuperation, self love and kindness. I will be taking some time to enjoy my beautiful boys, who so much has changed for since starting and for those who I have met would know how much they mean to me.

One day, I will be able to share my Glow in a more sustainable manner for me and for you <3

If you ever have ideas, thoughts, want to chat or check in please feel free send me an email at or message on Instagram, I am for sure not disappearing and I really love connecting with new people and collaborating on new opportunities.  

Lastly, if you could help to clear some stock. I hope you can find some great deals to stock up with for yourself and for gifting seasons.

This is seriously the LAST CHANCE.

Wishing You all the very best and Keep Glowing 

Stef xx 

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