Glow Christmas  Gift Guide - Conscious Gifts which make a difference

Glow Christmas Gift Guide - Conscious Gifts which make a difference

Christmas gifts should make an impact, you can still give the wow and thoughtful factor with less waste too. 

All of our products are consciously curated and made to be able to ensure that you are making a difference too. These gift experiences will last, way past the Christmas season. 


1. Gifts for Him 

1. Reusable Stainless Steel Razor €25,00 EUR



Cut out the waste with these easy to use stainless steel safety razors. They look so tidy and slick.


2. Dad Handpainted Mug - €12,00 EUR

A small gift full of love. It even says ' love you inside' . A  thoughtful reminder to Dad as he is having that freshly brewed morning coffee. 


3. Fir & Spruce Candle €22, 00 EUR 

Think warm fire and the freshness of a freshly cut Christmas tree, with woody notes. The Fir & Spruce Candles are poured individually by hand in Dublin,  into a stainless steel reusable statement vessel. Each jar will burn for up to 50 hours, burning clean, not toxic with no waste.


4. Deep Activated Greens Soap Bar (100g) – GlowCircle - 10.50 EUR 

A great one for detoxing the skin helping with the shaving experience and relieving those ingrowing hairs and black heads that men are prone to. 

Fresher skin for 2022. 


2. Gifts for Her 

1. Glow Boosting 2-in-1 Moisturiser + Serum (100ml) – GlowCircle €28,87 EUR

A bestseller for a reason. May be in the gifts for her, but this is a gift for all for every season. Hydrating the skin and deeply moisturising the skin throughout the seasons. Leaving your skin prepped and primed for the day, plus full of rejuvenating benefits for the PM routine too. With 2 products in 1 WHAT A TREAT!

2. Gua Sha €22,00 EUR

An instant favourite great for relieving tension especially in the jaw and headaches, depuffing, improving lymphatic drainage and the look and feel of the skin. May be a tik tocker favourite too!


3. Mum's Silent Night Gift Box – GlowCircle €50,00 EUR

Shopping for Mum? Yes, done dusted. Mum would love a silent peaceful night with her feet up with her new favourite mug, enjoying some chocolate and warmth

4. Body Candles  14.00 

Embrace Body Positivity with our beautiful range of body candles in all different colours and sizes, we have ones with baby bumps too :)



 5. Glow Cryo Globes – GlowCircle €55,00 EUR

The ultimate Spa Experience at home. The Glow Cryoglobes give multiple skincare benefits


3.  Send Good Vibes through a difficult time 

Good Vibes Only Mug – GlowCircle - 12.00 



4. Gift of Sleep 

Whether you struggle to build a good sleep routine or you have a person with young kids which sleep is all over the place. Sleep plays an overall part in wellness. These are positive sleep related ideas from as little as 3.95 EUR 


Sleepy Head Bath Salts - Self Care Experience – GlowCircle 

€7,00 EUR


Relax Pillow + Room Mist – GlowCircle - €17,50 EUR

Relax Pillow  + Room Mist features a 100% natural scent consisting of Lavender, Bergamot, Myrrh and Frangipani.  No Alcohol Base. 





Self Heating Eye Masks which will relieve the tension of the day. 


5. Create a Self Care Moment 

Try the Nibbed Dark Chocolate Melting Spoon made in Ireland full of Cacao healing and heart opening benefits. Good for your soul for only 2.90 EUR. Available in yummy Chocolate Orange Too.

6. Best Selling Candles to Set the Scene this Christmas 

These candles are individually handmade in Dublin to bring uniqueness and warmth to your home. They make a great gift if you manage to pop around to a friend or are being hosted. 

Made with Coconut & Rapeseed Oil. Non Toxic 

Shop Candles 






Wishing You a glowing Christmas and good health and happiness into the new year

From my family and to yours 

Stef  (Founder of Glow Circle) x


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