Glow + Waste Less  Journey - Zero Waste Soap Bars

Glow + Waste Less Journey - Zero Waste Soap Bars

Do you want to kickstart your zero-waste lifestyle or make some impactful and simple environmental swaps? 




Every year, the global cosmetics industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging, according to Zero Waste Europe. The amount of packaging in the landfill is anticipated to reach 12 billion tonnes by 2050, continuing at such a speed makes Circular Beauty where we look at our supply chains is the most positive way that the industry can reduce the impact on the planet.

We can also really help by saying goodbye to plastic bottles. One way we can do that is taking a ‘solid approach’ to our daily wellbeing experiences.


Welcome the Soap Bar…. Notoriously soap has had a bad rap for stripping the skin and not the best for your skin (especially on your face). We at Glow Circle have worked hard to ensure that these inclusive ingredients enrich your skin from face to body with a nourishing experience whilst supporting the environment.



So how does it work?

The solid soap is portable, supports the zero-plastic movement, natural, palm free, minimalistic formulation. When in contact with water the bar of soap turns into a delicate milky texture.


Some added perks?

The length of time soap bars can last for months and can be used on multi parts of your body. For example, the Deep Activated Greens can be used if you suffer from breakouts on your back, chest etc due to its detoxifying anti-inflammatory ingredients i.e Activated Charcoal, Hemp and Tamanu. Plus, it’s minimalistic appearance makes it liked by all genders and a subtle feature in any bathroom. Rhassoul + Smooth Bar is great for treating those with bumpy skin on their arms, with Rhassoul Clay, Argan and Himalayan Salt which help to lift away the keratin and dead sin cells responsible for the bumps and enriches the skin with moisture.

No extra harm to the environment.

When harmful chemicals run down the drain, they go somewhere and all too often, they end up in our water sources. By using natural soap, you are sending organic products down the drain instead. These have a less harmful effect on environmental and human health. These natural soaps work with the skin’s natural PH rather than against it retaining oils and remain as radiant as you are.

All genders included.

No matter your gender cleansing is essential, you may however, gravitate more to a certain method. The soap bar gives you another option with ingredients which will work for you. Plus, the soap bar provides a good lather so all you need is a razor for your beard!!


So many perks.


So welcome to the Zero Waste – ‘Glow + Waste Less Journey’

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