You're probably thinking, oil on my face? No, I will break out, it cannot possibly clean my face, I didn’t think we were supposed to put oil on our faces. I switched to oil cleansing a few years ago.  Even when I try other types of cleansing products, I always come back to oil cleansing (especially when I’m wearing makeup) and haven’t looked back.



Traditional Cleansers vs Oil Cleansing

With traditional face cleansers/ astringents/ foaming washes/ soaps (my list could go on but you get the gist). A lot completely strip the skin leaving it dried out, tight and potentially irritated.  Their focus is lets just get whatever is on the face off! This includes your natural oils, which your skin needs to protect itself and remain glowing and supple. Your skin thinks there isn’t enough oil and it produces more oil. Here we go, the cycle of oil overproduction has begun!

When you oil cleanse, the oil does all the hard work, not your skin. The Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil is gently lifting the excess oil from your skin, clearing out pores and removing makeup all in one… without stripping the skin. Which results in balanced skin that is hydrated and healthy!

Will I Get Break Out?

No, if you use a non- comedogenic oil (fancy word for an oil or product which does not block your pores), so do not go to your nearest supermarket or kitchen an pick a random bottle of oil and think, HERE I COME, as some oils can block your pores leading to break outs or can irritate your skin.

If you struggle with cystic acne, check with your dermatologist for specific recommendations.

What Type of Cleansing Oil Ingredients

Glow Circle’s Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil is a simple and effective ingredients list which focuses on oils and plant based extracts which are suitable for all skin types:

Marula Oil - It is a non-comedogenic making it ideal for calming blemish-prone skin.  It's also effective at soothing dry and itchy skin. Contains natural sources of vitamins C and E as well as a range of essential amino acids and antioxidants that protect your skin from free radical damage

Green Tea Extract -

Green tea is proven to be a great antioxidant, UV protectant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial

Blueberry Seed Oil -

Extracted from cold pressed blueberries, it is  high in the essential fatty acids which work with the skin’s natural barrier, helping it to function well, and improving overall tone and firmness. 

Liquorice/ Licorice Root Extract -

A SUPERSTAR  plant extract which has skin-soothing properties and is effective in improving the look of an uneven skin tone.

The 10 Key Benefits 

1. Gentle: Oil Cleansing is the gentlest way to thoroughly cleanse your skin, without disrupting your PH level, to leave glowing skin! So bye to that dry and tight feeling.

2. Regulates the Skin: Oil Cleansing helps regulate the skin and controls oil production which helps reduce and get rid of blemishes. Especially the Glow Circle’s Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil which includes Green Tea Extract which is an antibacterial and anti inflammatory which helps to combat inflammation from blemishes and redness from skin sensitivities. We all are prone to that occasional hormonal break out, so I love using a product which thinks about this too.

3. Deep Cleanse: Oil Cleansing gives a Deep Cleanse that removes build up, make up, impurities, SPF, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells. It has you covered. This is because the oil attaches itself to the dirt on your skin to lift it away. Using the Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil  alongside the Muslin Cloth gives you the double cleanse experience. Therefore you are saving those pennies too as no need for that second cleanser. 


4. No Need for a Separate Makeup Remover: Oil Cleansing gently dissolves all makeup, yes, even the most stubborn waterproof mascara!  You will not be sitting there rubbing and rubbing with cotton pads, wipes or other non environmentally friendly add ons. We have all had those red eyes after the constant rubbing. Plus the oil gives those lashes and your eyebrows some lovely nourishment.

5. Sensitive to Smells or Fragrance: Do not worry the Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil  has no fragrance so perfect for the most sensitive noses and skins. As the Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock says ‘Smells Do not change cells’. So true !!! 

6. Used in the Morning and Night: Oil Cleansing is great for your morning and night routine . In the morning, the oil gently removes the extra oils and impurities which can clog your pores. At night the cleanser removes the SPF, pollution, make up and the build up of the day without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

7.Suitable for Problem skin and All Skin Types: Cleansing with a natural plant based oil like Glow Circle’s Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil is incredibly gentle on your skin, making it ideal for skin that is prone to breakouts/blemishes and irritated skin conditions.   It helps balance your skin’s oil production rather than making your skin oilier which is a myth. We do recommend always doing a Patch Test to ensure that it's suitable for your skin types in addition seeking medical advice with any skin concerns. 

8.Less is More: We are conscious of being economical and ensuring we waste less. Your Antioxidant Cleansing Oil comes with a reusable dispenser pump which which dispenses the correct amount of oil each time. No mess, no waste! You only need to use 1-2 pumps of our oil and a single bottle of Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil (RRP €25.28) lasts for over 3 months. 

9.Anti-Aging: The plant powered oils in our Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil are full of antioxidants. Especially, the Blueberry Seed Oil and Liquorice Root which help with suppleness, tone and firmness whilst protecting the skin and helping the skin fight the free radicals which cause premature ageing.


10.Glowing Skin: The Hot Cloth Cleanse method with a Muslin Cloth will give your skin a fresh, luminous glow by gently steaming away all the dirt and impurities. So let’s get our glow on !!

How To Use :

    • Add the Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil to damp skin.
    • Give your face a gentle massage while you’re gently rubbing the oil in. It helps stimulate circulation in your skin.
    • Use a clean, warm, wet Muslin Cloth which has been warmed in warm water to gently wipe and a way the excess oil.


We are proud to say that Glow Circle's Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil  is bottled within our environmentally friendly and conscious aluminum bottle which can be recycled and reused. 

To purchase click on the Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil to purchase for €25.28. Use code GCCLEANSE10 for 10% off today!

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