How Do the things that I do Nourish Me?

How Do the things that I do Nourish Me?

Our life choices can either drain and deplete us or they can nourish and up lift us. Of course circumstances happen to which are out of our control, but, how do we choose to recover from those circumstances is.

Our bodies speak to us, loud and clear, positive or negative. At this time of year we often hear ourselves saying ‘oh I think I have over done it’, ‘I need to cut back on’, ‘I need to do more of’.

This year I am thinking more about nourishment, personally and you will naturally see that echoed through Glow Circle too.

Most of us agree that maintaining good health through diet, exercise, trying to minimise stress reduction this is all important. However, there are more layers to this which are personal.

How do we feel when we eat certain foods? How are those foods made? What do these foods do? Do they give me energy or are they just fitting into a ‘diet’ bucket ? Does that type of exercise suit my body. When I am exercising what clothes am I wearing, do they fit? Do they make me feel good?

My environment, what am I surrounded with? Clutter? What am I using in my environment.

How does my skin feel? How does it look? Do I like seeing my skin bare? What can I do more for my skin? What is in my products? Do I protect my skin? How about my sleep. Do I prepare for sleep? Do I get enough for me? What helps me to enjoy sleep? When I get out of bed how do I feel? Rested? Press snooze repeatedly.

I continuously notice that all these avenues are connected to self care and we ultimately ‘feel’. Our internal reflection/,mirror.

Therefore, I am taking steps in the first few weeks into the new year to be aware of the pace. We do not need to rush into the ‘new resolution’, the ‘new hobby’.

Take stock pour yourself a lovely warm cup of Cacao and think, ‘how do the things that I do nourish me’.

When you decide to kick start your year take time to think from where I am now do I want to be there on the 31ST December 2022?



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