How To Help Sensitive Skin

How To Help Sensitive Skin

Sensitive or Easily Irritated skin can be pretty agitating, overwhelming and leave you feeling lacking in confidence, embarrassed and uncomfortable. You may feel like you are the only person in the world suffering. As a sufferer of sensitive skin myself I know all too well, this feeling.  Your skin can go from dry, bumpy, itchy, red and flakey to super oily and slippery following using a prescription emollient to treat it, then in comes the breakout. 

I would like to tell you, you are not on your own, so do not stress.  There are a lot of  triggers that can upset and sensitize your skin. It can be hard to determine exactly what they are when our skin is in contact with so many different things every day

Did you Know Sensitive Skin is Not a Skin Type? 

Any skin type can experience sensitivity, from oily and acne-prone, to dry and mature.

What is it?

Sensitive or easily irritated skin has a skin barrier which is typically weaker, thinner, and more easily damaged, making it easier for irritants to penetrate the skin and cause inflammation. People with a thinner lipid barrier absorb products quicker, which makes them more prone to irritants. When you have a thin lipid barrier means it’s also easier for moisture to escape. This is why dry, flakiness  and sensitivity often go together.

 First Step: What’s The Cause?

It is good no matter what your skin is like to keep some awareness of any changes you make for example for me, it was the use of 'Naturally Derived fragrance fabric softener'. I had washed my bedding and my muslin cloths using this product, which had left my skin feeling raw, itchy, rough and stinging. 

Other causes include:

- Excessive exfoliation,

- Over use of acids - Products that contain benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acid  may be helpful in treating breakouts, pigmentation but they can also be irritating,

- Clothing (wool for example can be very uncomfortable for people who suffer from easily irritated skin)

- Soap and Household Cleaners 

- Fragrances - this includes  Essential Oils and Naturally derived fragrances 

- Food 

- Pet Dander 

- Seasonal Pollen - Skin also struggles to adapt to quickly changing temperatures and humidity levels.

- Dust 

- Hormonal Changes - this includes during the menstrual cycle, breastfeeding and 

- Weather  - Irritation is more common in the winter because our skin can be more sensitive during the colder months.

- Not Using the right products - for example choosing non targeted products for the right time of the year 

What Products And Ingredients Should You Look For?

It is all about keeping it simple and taking a less is more approach. Not using too many products,

Look for products as close to nature as possible, which work to calm, soothe. moisturize and hydrate the skin.  

Top Ingredients from Glow Circle's Founder, Stefanie are:

- Aloe Vera 

- Arnica 

- Calendula 

- Colloidal Oats 

- Jojoba 

- Glycerin

- Hyaluronic Acid 

- Rosehip 

- Chamomile 

There are plenty of skin care ingredients ― natural and otherwise ― that can be effective when it comes to soothing your skin.


Glow Circle carefully selects the  plant based ingredients used taking extra care to leave feeling soothed not sore.

Calm Bath Ritual – GlowCircle

Key Ingredients 

- Colloidal Oats 

- Calendula 


Glow Boosting 2-in-1 Moisturiser + Serum (100ml) – GlowCircle

- Arnica 

- Aloe Vera 

- Wheatgerm Oil 

- Hyaluronic Acid

-  Rosehip 

- Glycerin 

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