How to Survive Winter Lockdown

How to Survive Winter Lockdown

Its 2021 and we are lockdown again. We thought things would all of a sudden be different, a had a wave of expectation, we feel like just closing the curtains on 2021 already. The stop start nature of the restrictions puts us in a state of limbo, we feel imbalanced and ill prepared for our own lives.

This lockdown seems to have hit differently, ‘we have done it before, and we can do it again’ is the rhetoric. The thing is it is true and that gives a sense of ‘oh not this again’ as we know what lies ahead.

I will not sugar coat it, this is tough. Just know, we are on right  road to the end. Take some comfort that, never in your life will you have the whole country and if not majority of the world going through the same thing as you at the same time. We need to find ways of coping, injecting goodness and wellbeing into our days as YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

As you know from the last lockdown it’s easy to start to neglect self-care and get into a bit of a rut, feeling unmotivated and sluggish. This with a massive dose of the January blues does not help.

Whether you are feeling positive about this lockdown and you have already recategorised your whole house, started your online workouts, read 3 books and your children have already learnt a new language or  you are dreading going through it again, and just thankful you did not start dry January (*clears throat :)*) these are some self-care tips will help relax your mind and keep you energised.

1. Check in with yourself

“Secure your oxygen mask before helping others". Do you remember hearing that whilst preparing to take off into the skies? This is an essential part of day to day life as well.  This means making sure you’re sleeping, grooming, eating nutritious foods, drinking water, getting exercise and making sure we are mentally ok before you can start being the life jacket for others. 

Do you have a journal? A safe place you can right your thoughts, emotions, feelings and anything running around your mind? It does not need to be official. Can be a notepad or scrap of paper. It is better to have something which is fixed and keeps a record and a look back on how you are feeling and how far you have come. 

You can check in with yourself and asking yourself some questions:

  • how you’re feeling
  • why you’re feeling these things
  • what will help 
  • can you make a plan to make you feel better?


2. Careful with What You are Consuming

I am not talking about food here, I mean from the internet, radio, media, socially any channel you may use. We use the internet to work, update ourselves on events and connect with our friends, family and loved ones. This can be overwhelming, there is a lot of ‘news’ out there.  Be aware of how the news and information you are receiving makes you feel. If you start to feel like being constantly connected is draining instead of energising you,It is ok to take a break. Your break does not have to be weeks or months, even a couple of hours can be sufficient to reset yourself.

3. Move

Exercise is essential for both physical and mental health. It is a great way to create a routine at the start of each day. Starting your day with those happy endorphins makes you feel achievement from the start of the day, which will give a snowball effect to the rest of your day. Just doing 10 jumping jacks, 10 press ups, 10 punches, 10 squats, 10 sit ups is a great way to get started.

There are heaps of free online workouts run by personal trainers. My favourites are Courtney Black , Lottie-Daisy and Yoga with Adriene. I love these trainers as their workouts are incredibly varied and for different durations. You can get an awesome workout in 10 mins.

4. Get Outside in Nature

Getting out in nature literally means stepping outside. It does not require creativity. No matter where you live, there is something to admire and appreciate. Whether it is the Irish Sea on your doorstep or high rise buildings. You can bask in the winter sun, admire the architecture, look at the birds whizzing past.

5. Skincare Routine

The imbalance and the stresses of the past year has affected our minds, body and out skin is a reflection of within. Plus, the the added changes in weather, we really need to invest in your skincare routine to bring our glow back. You can build your glowing skin routine with Glow Circle’s plant powered products made to nourish your skin. Click here to try yours.

6. Lift Your Spirits

You can listen to an interesting podcast can really make you think, reflect and boost your mind being. Listening to a podcast can give me the tools to navigate a situation in a few minutes. No matter what your interests are there is one for you. Have a look on iTunes or Spotify to find the perfect one for you.

Some of my favourites at the moment are:

The Mindset Mentor

The Good Glow Health


Books are great too, the provide an avenue of escapism. My focus is self development and wellbeing education and therefore that is what I am consuming. I have almost finished Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is a very practical, kind of lightbulb moments book which makes creating new habits very easy to do. 

Music is such a great way to create the environment you want to be in.


7. Create Intentions 

How do you want to feel? How do you want to get there? What can you do to get there? Are there small steps you can make to make you get those feels? I love intention setting, taking time to consider how I would like to feel and how I would like my future to look like.  It makes every day a win. 

If you are struggling through lockdown and want to talk more about ways to uplift yourself. 

Please reach out to me on 


Stef x 

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