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Join Glow Circle This Black Friday

Join Glow Circle This Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us, for small businesses and those striving to make better choices for the planet and our community this can cause a bit of unease. 

I also know that we all love discounts and to feel appreciated, so, we do want to give you a discount this year, but we wanted to explain a little bit more our rationale. 


Black Friday Background 

We often see articles of stampedes, fighting over the last items, stock piling, websites crashing etc. 

While thousands hit the streets or the web in pursuit of a bargain, it’s the planet that picks up the tab. The type of unsustainable consumption promoted on Black Friday puts a strain on resources and is devastating for our planet

Black Friday usually hurts small independent businesses as they cannot compete with the larger firms due to their higher cost base. More shopping, means more transport, packaging, emissions etc.

Black Friday is considered to be highly unsustainable and has a growing reputation for overconsumption, which as emphasised by COP26 we need to better on.  


Glow Green 

So how can Glow Circle make it work? 

    1. We are starting our sale early, this is because we do not anyone to feel under pressure or shop rashly. Planning your shopping is one of the best ways to act consciously, so thinking of whether you need to buy Christmas presents for sisters, brothers, teachers, mums, besties. 


    2.  Our discount will be 20%, there may be some more on certain products but the baseline is 20%, we are a small one woman band. This cost is absorbed totally by us. We are able to do this as our supply chain is short, a lot of the products are made my us or as close to source as possible.


    3. We will look to also sell some of our products which we sampled and may not be 'perfect' but are still beautiful. This will mean that we are wasting a lot less, and you will be able to benefit for example from a Glow Enzyme Polish which may gave a dent in the tin. 

    4. We will be planting extra trees to assist with reforestation with our two partners both Globally and nationally. We encourage you to plant a tree with your order, calculate offsetting your carbon footprint and we will be planting 2 trees with each other.

    5. We have chosen not to run many Facebook ads over the past year to save up, this time of year is super expensive for small businesses, so spreading the word for us will be mostly through emails and our instagram. So please share to who you think will love our products. 

    6. As a inclusive and conscious company we do want everyone to experience Glow Circle. Therefore if through Black Friday, one extra person joins our community and falls in love with Glow Circle's products, then I am so glad. Everyone deserves to live a glowing lifestyle.
    7. We are almost 1! Glow Circle turns 1 on 30th November so celebrating this period with a discount shared with our supports is exciting!! It just happens to be a double whammy with Black Friday.  

 So lets do this, I hope you choose to shop with Glow Circle this next week and Glow Green this Black Friday !!

P.S Be sure to sign up to our emails to make sure you hear first. 

Stef x 

(Founder of Glow Circle)

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