Kickstarting Your Day With Ginger

Kickstarting Your Day With Ginger

If you missed it, we went on holiday and yes travelling with young children is not exactly a restful experience. But, alas I have returned with a need of a boost. Welcome, you guessed it. The ginger shot.

The Ginger is a root superfood that has wonderful skin rejuvenation properties. Both ingesting ginger, having the scent in your surroundings, and applying it topically have major wellbeing benefits. Ginger has been used to treat nausea, indigestion, muscle soreness. Ginger may also may help to lower blood sugar, stomach upset, improve brain function, low mood and prevent heart disease. It’s a true superhero in the world of superfoods and one of my favourite anti-inflammatory ingredients due to its naturally high levels of gingerol.

If ginger shots are new to you, let me give you a little background on the health benefits of ginger. Ginger is a flowering plant originating from China, and is related to turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. The underground part of the ginger stem has a long holistic history. And ginger gets its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties from naturally high levels of gingerol.

These immunity-boosting ginger shots are the perfect start of a day or to give you an extra boost during the day instead of picking up the extra cup of coffee. The flavour can be intense when starting out, but so tasty and liberating too. Keep a glass of water near.

You can also incorporate ginger into your meals such as a stir fry, soups and curries. But, hey throwing back a shot in the morning is pretty cool, too.

The r Ginger supports digestion and stimulates the immune system. Try a ginger shot if you start sneezing or coughing. In Ayurveda culture, it is advised to take a bit of lemon juice and some ginger before meals to “light up your internal fire” and help digestion


Overall, the ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper in this drink should help your digestive system start up in the morning to help your body absorb the vitamins, minerals, and fibres from the food


Different ways to make a Ginger Shot

  1. Just Ginger
  2. Ginger – Lemon Juice – Coconut Water – Cayenne Pepper
  3. Ginger Juice- Lemon Juice – Apple Juice
  4. Ginger Juice – Lemon Juice – Agave
  5. Ginger Juice – Lemon Juice – Orange Juice – Cayenne Pepper


So many different combinations.


What is your favourite?

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