No Faff Festive Fun

No Faff Festive Fun

The Christmas countdown is on, whether you celebrate each day through Advent, or prefer the 12 days of Christmas or you feel that days are just flying by. Sometimes we need a little bit of help to mark the time before it passes us by. So, I (with a little help of some friends) have listed a selection of fun things to do together to get everyone in a festive mood.

1. Put up the Christmas Decorations -

2. Decorate Outside Your House 

3. Put on the Christmas Duvets 

4. Go Reindeer Spotting in Phoenix Park 

5. Watch Klaus 

6. Write Christmas Cards 

7. Go to see the Christmas Lights 

8. Go to See Santa 

9. Make Snowflakes 

10. Visit Stillgarden Christmas Market 

11. Make Marshmallow Snowmen 

12. Visit the Lego Shop and make a personalized figure 

13. Visit Dublin Castle Christmas Market 

14. Go Ice Skating 

15. Make Gingerbreadmen 

16. Write a letter to Santa or a Feel Good Letter to yourself 

17. Make some mulled wine or some Festive cocktails

18. Watch Home Alone 

19. Light some candles 

20. Listen to Christmas Radio 

21. Go to watch a nativity 

22. Play some games 

23. Read festive tales like The SnowmanThe Jolly Christmas Postman, or The Nightmare Before Christmas 

24. Make a Christmas Scavenger Hunt 

25. Wrap Presents by the Fire 

26. Make Orange Garlands 


And there you have it, the ultimate no faff festive  list. What will you be doing ?

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