One Year On, How are You Feeling?

One Year On, How are You Feeling?

Well, what a year it has been, its Mother’s Day has arrived and St Patrick’s Day around the corner, it may unearth some deeper emotions. These events were the first community events which happened post lockdown restrictions.

We innately look back on a year and marvel at the passage of the time, what we have achieved, what we have done and what we want to do with our life, the pandemic has made our expectations very different. In our house we are entering the second lot of lockdown birthdays and feeling those expectation shifts, when the expectations are lowered, our ideals are completely different to last year. If we can just meet with a few friends outside, that would be nice, we keep saying.

My best friend told me about a phrase she uses ‘Pandemic Fine’ it perfectly captures our lower levels of what being ok means. The paradigm has shifted.

Therefore, it is only logical that March might find you feeling a little heavy, foggy and reflective.

I have put together a little bit of support to help your mind, body and soul as you navigate the pandemic anniversary and all the subsequent milestones in front of you.  


How to Cope through this milestone.... 

  1. Give yourself the tools to care for yourself.

Finding some self-care practices to be able to rebalance and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. This can be through exercise, cooking an amazing meal, aromatherapy, reading, resting, prayer, meditation and of course skincare. Preparing a way to push through incoming stress and helps to filter information.  

  1. Don’t fake it until you make it.

Do not be afraid of feeling your emotions, it is not about forcing positivity. When a thought or memory rolls through your mind, make it a practice to stop and observe the accompanying emotion. Make note of it, it allows you to feel your thoughts and emotions. It will also remind you that given we are in a crisis your feelings and sensations are completely typical and normal when a threat is experienced. Consistent journaling helps to bring clarity over time.

  1. Managing Yourself

When you are going through uncertainty you go into protection mode. It is great to learn mechanisms to be able to call upon when it gets intense. It can be deep breathing, grabbing a cup of tea, laying down, hoovering and drowning out, a walk, a run.

  1. Gratitude and Awareness.

Listing and taking moments in the day to reflect on what you are grateful for usually in the morning I do and before going to bed. I am not denying some awful things have happened, but you can recite what you still have or what you have been able to do, or  which way an event has made you feel a certain way that you didn’t realise. Just do not intoxicate yourself with the ideals of positivity and gratitude without being aware of difficult situations which have happened. It is a non-dualistic approach to accepting the reality of difficult situations while still maintaining a positive frame of mind to help you move forward.


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