Pressing Pause

The realization that Pressing Pause is as important as your plans, to do's, goals often comes after a period of time of moving at such a fast pace. 

After Christmas for example I decided to take additional time off and delay my return to work and after the boys went back to school. I took 3 weeks off my business and social media. I said 'no' to some meet ups and calls which may have taken more energy. I cancelled some upcoming events which I had dreamed would be gamechangers for my business as the feeling of overwhelm crept in. Slowing down the pace to reconnect with me. Even on the nothing days over the festive period they felt very full and we put ourselves under such great expectations. This Christmas period felt like it was the first time we could more or less to everything and anything, we wanted to feel as Christmassy as possible and create those memories. 

What 'Pressing Pause' means for me is putting on your life jacket when you are in the boat rather than when you stand up and the boat is swaying and the waves are crashing.


Its that time of year, the planners are out, the to do lists are written with the intent of achieving and cross off those things on our list. We may set budgets , ideas for date nights, places we want to visit, write down where we want to be in our career, books we want to read, weight loss amounts, how much fruit we want to eat, steps .. the list goes on and on. A lot of metrics, a lot of objective ideas and should be balanced with embracing the space to do less and how we want to feel at the present too not just the future.  Even though I have consciously chosen to press pause while other pressing priorities may seem to take over, it’s still a challenge at times to embrace a sense of slowness


No matter your personal circumstances are right now; slowing down, pressing pause, taking a break, changing paths, creating space, saying no, stopping, accepting help, taking a step back and choosing another option is important to do regularly. Why? We need to balance, fluidity, rest and repair doing with being in order to optimize our output. We should be conscious and sensitive to the 'ticking within us' where we spend our finite time and energy. 

Pressing Pause can feel daunting, overwhelming and However, it can seem daunting and even scary to press pause and take stock. In a world where we need to be at the top, we must excel and once it is achieved we must move on to the next. Keep Calm and Keep Going was the strap line, FOMO, guilt tripped, anti social, boring...  

Would pausing or stopping stop us or set us back?  There’s plenty of guilt associated with going slow, a sense of lack or scarcity that makes stopping seem contradictory and when the rest of the world hurdles forward. What if it was our moment and we miss it? 


The productivity and the power of rest can be seen in all areas of live and work and can help you to thrive. An athlete needs rest and recuperation to be able to perform at their peak, your skin needs rest to be able to rejuvenate and cells to renew, babies need rest for them to grow and reach their developmental milestones.  

Do you remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? The Tortoise was being ridiculed by the Hare due to the Tortoise’s slow gait. Yet the Tortoise ultimately ends up winning the race because it focused on crossing the finish line on it’s own (slow-and-steady) terms, rather than the rushed parameters the Hare assigned to the race.


Yes, when we solely focus on the ‘doing’ aspect of self-care, all of the activities we are meant to be engaging in to adequately be proactively caring for ourselves, we don’t afford our body the ability to rejuvenate itself.



Whether your pause period consists of three conscious breaths a day, carving out a regular breaktime to rest, a simple beginners yoga stretch, deciding to take a walk around after the school drop off,  refuel and prioritize your workload, reclaiming your weekends or slowing down, taking an extra day off when your children have returned to school and stopping for a little while longer; it’s a worthy investment of your time and energy to press pause however you can.

Work with whatever time you have and I promise you’re going to return to the present moment feeling more re-energised and ready for what’s to come and receive more clarity on how you want to live your life. 


Leave a comment below on which part of this post connected with you. Will you be taking pauses more this year ? 



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