Is Skincare considered to be Self-Care?

Is Skincare considered to be Self-Care?

Self-care is a vital component of healthy living.  Wellness and self-care are so closely related. Your skin is a reflection of what is happening in mind and body. What you see on the outside is what’s happening inside, and vice versa. Self-denial and that ‘just keep going’ attitude as an act of heroism is the self sabotage, we are all guilty of within our busy lives. 

Essential Personal care such as having a shower or brushing your teeth is not self care. Creating a nourishing skincare routine is a simple effective way of exercising self-care.

As adults when we are going through skin issues, the triggers are different from that of our adolescent selves. Most often it is linked to indicators such as high-stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalances,  lifestyle, environmental and dietary factors.

Healthy skin is not always as simple buying a load of skincare products, slathering them on; it’s what you feed your body both nutritionally, emotionally and mentally on a daily basis.

Our skin is our largest organ, it is our primary defence against intrusion. Skin care is self care.It is an important step to possibly improving your mental health. By having a set routine, we know what to expect, and this is incredibly balancing. The more habitual it becomes routine it becomes, the less stress and lacking in priority it becomes.


When you do your skin care routine, you’re usually alone and in a quiet environment, looking at yourself, concentrating on yourself  and building self awareness. It is pretty mediative.


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it ?! Here are some self-care practices you can add to your daily routine.



Meditation,  after a night of rest, when your mind is clear and ready for a new day to come can help to boost clarity.



When you wake up, give thanks for the new day and decide on what you want to feel for the day. Starting the day with gratefulness will put you in the right vibe. It can be the simplest thing, for example , we live in Ireland so rain is a feature in the week, I am thankful for the rain as the shrubs that I have planted are flourishing (that is without thinking of the beautiful family I have been blessed with).  It does work to write the intentions down in the morning and think of how you can create those feelings throughout the day. It also helps to bring yourself back to focus when you feel you are slipping (which will happen).


Hot water with lemon helps to cleanse you from the inside by aiding digestion.


There is nothing like getting lost in a book. Reading can be a daily practice, just reading a few pages every day can help give you new knowledge, a new interest. Reading can be both relaxing and nourishing. To be honest, books on how to negotiate with a toddler, I do not class as part of my self care. I love to read Self development books.


Surrounding yourself with nature, helps to connect us to our physical selves, which your phone cannot. Through the Vitamin D we receive from the sun and oxygen we receive. We are so interlinked with nature, whenever we are trapped in doors we feel that imbalance. So getting out into the great outdoors, each day is self care.


I am so guilty of lacking of this. Sleep I consciously need to work on. Sleep is the natural way in which the skin and body replenishes and heals itself. Your mind also becomes balanced through sleep. 


Exercise can make you feel amazing. There are so many options out there such as HIIT, yoga, a quick 10 mins youtube workout or a run. All exercise brings balance to body and mind. 


My Jade Roller and Gua Sha set provide me with the best tools to massage my face. Facial Massage using my Jade Roller not only does it relax facial muscles; but taking deep breaths gets blood circulation going and boosts the lymphatic system. The Gua Sha which I use twice daily helps to lift and sculpt, it is my method of awareness of each part of my face, plus helps to release any niggles in my body.

Any type of massage is a mindful way to begin or end the day by providing clarity and focus while detoxing and draining away any water retention or puffiness from the face.


When you care for yourself, life is more balanced. A little bit of you time, can add to your glow.

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