Juggling Self-Care with your Home Life

Juggling Self-Care with your Home Life

The summer we have been waiting for has arrived and is in full swing. We have booked our holidays both staycations and abroad, looked forward to a heatwave and then prayed for rain.. then begged for the sun to come out again.

We have dived right into planning ‘the best time’ and going to every where we have missed for so long to create those joyful experiences for all again. Is your jam packed schedule making you forget the you, you started to know during those lockdown days? Are you left feeling guilt of expectations? It’s important to carve out daily moments of self-care during even the busiest of times to be able to enjoy it to full potential!


Communicate boundaries

It is never too early or too late to share your boundaries. clear, respectful, firm and loving communication with children and adults models excellent self-care to them.


Share the love

Whether it is meeting with a friend for a simple walk, bringing another family together with your own for an adventure or mixing a couple of friends for a date night or a friendly get together/ brunch or a coffee, can alleviate the pressure on you as an organiser, facilitator and bring fresh perspectives.


Focus on Your breath

You are never too young or too old to start focuses in on your breath. This is a simple act of mindfulness and relaxation. Finding the time in the day to take time out with your little ones to learn this new exercise. Ask them to place their hand on their chest and find their heart beat and close down their eyes. Invite them to breathe deeply into their chest and then down into the stomach, puffing their chest out like a gorilla, bird or a puffer fish. You can also add in some calming music, read a thoughtful story or even put on yoga from You Tube. Adding the Relax Pillow + Room Mist – GlowCircle is a great scent to give an element of peace and tranquility throughout your day. 



Never Drink a Drink Hot?

How about you set up a tea time or in our house we call it afternoon tea where we all have the drink of our choice and have a moment to decompress. I find if we are doing it at the same time, you are more likely to actually have the time to have that drink. 


I hope this blog post gives you some  time to yourself amongst your busy final weeks of the summer season and you can take these tips into every season. Feel free to tag us on Instagram or facebook with your other tips.


Best of Luck with Back to School. 

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