Hello October and goodbye September. The Autumn marks a period of change, new beginnings the time to get back on track, the end of the summer busy casual and unpredictable period.

With those back to school, fresh pencils and squeaky shoes vibes. Autumn is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and take stock and prepare for the winter period.

Summer we really try to live to the fullest, explore, be more flexible with schedules, bed times, take the pressure off and have more of a 'why not attitude' . This past few weeks of new beginnings or the end of the carefree attitude and new pressures and expectations may have taken the wind out of your sails. 

You may be feeling that September has brought an increasing level of expectation, things to do, busy-ness of playing catch up, less bright hours of the day, more sniffles, new emotions. September may have felt like one of the longest months of the year as you are exerting so much emotional energy supporting others (children, friends, wider family members in their new journey also).

We all are facing more discussions in our day to day from every channel about the different costs effecting the way we live our life, whether you choose to not listen to the news the information surrounds us daily.

All of this naturally leads to increase levels of STRESS. Health experts estimate that at least 80% of illness traces back to a severe emotional stress or long periods of chronic stress. For example stress hormones, like cortisol, can throw off the natural balance of the female cycle like the flip of a switch—so proper management of stress levels and practicing self-care is the key to naturally resetting 

What can we do to reset your stress levels? 

1.Identify and Label Your Stress 

We can sit there and say there are countless things, or EVERYTHING is getting on top of me. However, it may be a few things which are really pushing you over. What are they? Where did they come from? Are they constant? Can they be removed? Will they be coming to an end? Could you share this burden with someone else? 

2. Let go of the things you cannot change

This statement gives you the power to move forward. 

 Rehashing old issues, your perceived shortcomings or things you have not done yet or mistakes you have made and bringing this energy into your present and future is not beneficial.

3. Find Your Breath to Cleanse 

This technique involves breathing through one nostril at a time, while manually closing the other nostril, to facilitate alternate breathing and airflow. 

Alternate nostril breathing is called Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, which translates to “subtle energy clearing breathing technique,” and it has many benefits. 

Implementing this technique into your daily ritual twice a day can helpful to a stressed state and helps calm the mind, refocus, reduce anxiety, enhances clarity and brings a feeling of relaxation to the entire body.

How to do it: In this practice, you will breathe through just one nostril at a time. No breath will come in or out of your mouth.

  1. Sit comfortably and rest your right hand on your knee. Use your left thumb to gently close your left nostril. Inhale slowly through the right nostril, then take your thumb off your left nostril and close the right nostril with your ring finger.
  2. Hold your breath for a moment, then exhale through the now open left nostril.
  3. Breathe in through the open left nostril, then hold the breath and take your ring finger off the right nostril and put the thumb back on the left nostril. Breath out the right nostril.
  4. Repeat this on each nostril 5 to 10 times.
Remember to always inhale through the same nostril you exhaled through. Keep Your breath even, slow and gentle. Finish your final round with an exhalation on the left side.
4. Make Changes More Regularly 

When we allow ourselves to make changes more regularly and make mistakes more regularly, it helps us to move away from the need to be perfect and get it right first time. It allows for new lessons to be learnt and to help us to grow and become more resilient. This practice also leads to us knowing ourselves more.

5. Make Changes More Lighthearted and Share It 

If you are trying to lower your usage of finite resources i.e gas, electricity. Get others involved in how you are doing it. Praise yourself and Praise Others of their little swaps. This may be just sharing with your family, children, friends or on a wider scale. 

WATCH THIS SPACE... I have gone through the overwhelm bickering about the best time to do the washing to now, getting excited about how I can make a change which will help others more.  

6. Cut Yourself Some Slack and Set Realistic Expectations 

If you are reading this, you are probably like me and fall into the trap of doing too much and communicating your limits with yourself and with others too little.

You may think that life is about how much you achieve in the day, no matter the feeling it brings. 

Pause for a second and see this as permission to cut yourself some slack. This may be spending more time to watch some trash TV to unwind, not having an empty washing basket, saying no to starting extra-curricular activities, saying no to a social event. 

Establishing your boundaries in your personal life and work life, which may be sharing time expectations and capacity given you juggling other commitments. You cannot do it all. It may feel good that you are in demand and over booked, but it's not good if it's at the expense of your wellbeing. 

7. Fill Your Environment with Pleasant Aromas 

Aromatherapy oils have a deep connection to the emotional center of the brain - the amygdala.

The essential oils to use depends on the emotional state or outcome you require. The aroma's / scents can help to calm and help you take conscious breaths, uplift your mood, energise you, create a more restful mind. 

Check Out Glow Circle's range of Aromatherapy Roller Balls which are great to integrate into your date today CLICK HERE  

8. Admire the Outdoors 

Building an admiration for the outdoors, gazing at the changes, feeling the difference in temperatures. Building gratitude for the outdoors ability to lift and calm the mood, will help support you through the seasonal change. Making time for 10 mins outside with your own thoughts and taking the opportunity to embrace is a gamechanger for reducing your stress levels. 

Find playful and gratifying activities to do outdoors this could be visiting local farmers markets and talking to local artisans, taking a new walking trail, paddle boarding, cutting back the garden for autumn, making some autumn crafts, let's not forget pumpkin picking - p.s I am not into Halloween at all.

I love getting outdoors for a walk and some deep breathing after the school run for example, this time can be a trying time for most families as let's face it, it can feel like our children are ticking time bombs of emotion as they adjust to their new schedules. 

Stress and overwhelm can be normal emotions that accompany every transitional period. However, do not let it bubble and take away the joys awaiting you.

Trust that you have the tools around you to review and embrace what awaits. 

 Keep Glowing, 



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