We All Need Self-Love

We All Need Self-Love


Self-love is both a gift and necessity to oneself. Self-love is showing yourself the same compassionnurturing and kindness that you give to others. Self-love has a  profound impact on how we see ourselves and how we treat ourselves. 

Everyone needs self-love. While it’s great to be on the receiving end of love from others, it’s also important to practice self-love daily. 


What self-love means to us?  

Self- love has been presented with negative connotations of self-loathing or selfishness. This is incorrect. It is the belief, awareness and vitality that you matter and your needs should be prioritisedThe beauty of this is that this prioritisation looks different from person to person as we are all individuals.   

What does self-love do?  


  • Helps us to know ourselves, our likes, our dislikes, what you are good at and what you are not good at. 
  •  Helps us to set boundaries – you can say no to what you want less of in your life. 
  • Be kind to yourself  
  • Enjoying your mistakes  
  • Stops limiting you 
  • Others' opinions hold less value. 
  • Embraces Challenges and see new opportunities  
  • You will become less critical of others. 
  • Helps you help others  
  • Helps you move forward  



There is a real glow from a person who is comfortable with themselves, it makes amazing company.  

What can I do to show myself more Self Love? 

Self – love is something we all need to work on, it is a continuous exercise.  

The first stop is reviewing your thoughts, your mind and self-talk. We have inner deeper thoughts and conversations. What are we saying? Can we adjust the commentary in our heads?  
Do you look to ensure you put into your day things which will create happiness and enjoyment?  
Do you look back on your day and see the amazing things you have done?  
Do you look to create moments of feel good? From the way you get ready, what you put on? What you eat?  
Creating good health habits which yourself will love you for?  
Spending time with yourself and drawing close to yourself. This could be in the form of investing time in your skincare regime. Creating a structure to your day that your needs are met, even if it means setting reminders and alarms until it builds into your usual daily routine.  


Now what do you think? How will you be practicing self-love? Share with us @glowcircle_ and the comments below 

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