The environment and social responsibility and inclusion is at the core of Glow Circle.

We have highlighted below some of the steps we are taking, we know we are not there yet. Feel free to recommend additional approaches which can make us move the needle further.

We have taken a 'less is more' approach to our products and services; we stick to basic aesthetics so our products make less of an environmental impact. This can also be seen by the ingredients we use and our packaging.

Our Skincare & Beauty Manufacturing Partners

Our manufacturing partners adopt an environmental approach to production, working in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice Conditions. This supports formulating safe, transparent and hygienic products.

They support us in using natural ingredients, teach us how to produce responsibly, and help us to make formulas that are safe, transparent and in line with our ethos.

Our skincare products are vegan & cruelty-free

We do not use animal by-products in our formulations and have never, and will never, test our products on animals. We focus on consciously formulating multitasking products which nourish the skin with antioxidants, vitamins, botanical extracts and plant-derived superfoods. 

Our product size 

Repeat orders means more packaging, more trucks on roads and more carbon spent. This is why we offer our products in much larger volumes than your average beauty brand

Our skincare packaging

The environmental friendliness of beauty product packaging is a major challenge for the industry. This is due to the poor potential for recycling and reuse.

At Glow Circle, we believe it’s our responsibility to supply eco-friendly products and packaging. That’s why we vow to make conscious, sustainable decisions throughout our business lines whilst encouraging the 3 Rs: recycle, reduce and re-use. We care as much about what is on the outside of the product as what is on the inside. And we know you do, too! Here’s what you need to know about the sustainability of our packaging:

Bottle & jar

• Aluminium - 100% recyclable
• Choosing aluminium over plastic is a more expensive option (which we have taken on ourselves as a cost to the company) but we believe it was the only option to protect our environment
• Another plus, no chance of smashing the bottle in the bathroom (we all have felt that panic!).

Bottle pump

• The only element of the Glow Circle range which is plastic (sob!), though we are finding ways to guide our customers through how to recycle them
• The pump is used with our Antioxidant Nourishing Cleansing Oil, but can be included optionally or customers can use the aluminium screw cap lid
• If doing a repeat order, we do encourage customers to keep the pump from their first order to support re-use
• You can recycle the pump yourself by using a nutcracker to remove the metal spring! Once the two parts are separated, they both can be recycled

Packaging for shipping

• Our wood wool provides padding for the shipping of your products
• It’s a sustainable method of filling which is raw and 100% recyclable
• You will be able to reuse within hampers or even bedding for your hamster or rabbit

Mailing boxes

• Our Kraft mailing boxes are made from 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard

• They contain a minimum of 80% recycled fibres
• They are not branded and are therefore suitable for re-use

Branding Tape

• Our tape is made from fully recyclable Kraft paper
• It’s water-activated and is FSC certified and acid free
• The customisation is achieved by using soy based ink

Offsetting our Carbon Foot print 

We understand that the first step towards positive environmental change should always be avoiding & reducing carbon emissions. But in addition to this, we thought of a way to offset our own carbon footprint: we will plant a tree for every order – with the help of One Tree Planted. Feel free to add a tree to your order too. 

Biodervisty in Ireland 

We are working with East Coast Trees to  plant trees, absorb CO2, transform our environment, increase biodiversity, and help educate people on why restoring nature is essential for all of us. We want to help plant native trees which will help assist our native animals and increase their local habitats and overall improve our ecosystem. We use a percentage of our profits each month to plant trees with East Coast Trees plus you can add them to your order too. 

Just remember this is the beginning and we are constantly thinking of new ideas, so watch this space!