Every business has a story behind it - a pivotal moment in your life that leads to the birth of a new opportunity.

Stefanie is CEO and Founder of Glow Circle. She is a busy wife, a mother of two boys and a Financial Services professional.

Stefanie has a keen interest and passion for Beauty Nutrition, Sustainable Living, Cosmetic Formulation and Ayurvedic Practices. Stefanie works with industry experts and chemists in order to formulate products which focus on pouring goodness into your skin to promote glow health benefits using plant-based ingredients.

She struggled to find products which actively demonstrated inclusive support of skin health for all skin types whilst consciously caring about their impact on communities.


Like many others, life can go through many challenging twists and turns. In the past four years I have relocated country, planned a wedding, moved houses, renovated our home, had two babies whilst working in a demanding field.

Life was busier than ever. 

As a mother, I was thrown in at the deep end, just as we all expect. I didn't however expect to experience post-natal anxiety after my second son and the unforeseen diagnosis whilst juggling the pressures of breastfeeding, newborn life, wife life, and eventually working mum life.

That's when I experienced it - the moment when I knew that I had to make a cognitive change, I had to make time for self-care and my own well-being. I had dry flaky skin all over my body, eczema flare ups on my neck and jawline with hormonal breakouts which then resulted in hyper pigmentation.  I wanted to use products which supported my ethics and values whilst embracing my skin type in an inclusive manner. 

I have always been a massive skincare and nutrition enthusiast and swapping tips and tricks with my mum (Mum is a massive Vitamin E advocate and trust me it shows!).  I have worked on my own husband’s gut health and love creating varied wholesome nutritional family meals (for even the pickiest eaters).  This passion is deeply rooted in my family's background using various naturally derived remedies to support your inner and outer health, which has passed down from  my Grandmother's and now I use them with my family.

My motivation isn’t just my own skincare needs - it’s yours, too. I know how it feels to lose your glow, so it means the world to me to be able to help others reignite theirs through skincare.

‘Finding your Glow makes Us Glow’.

- Stefanie, Founder of Glow Circle x