Bubble Candle  ‘Nude’
Bubble Candle  ‘Nude’

Bubble Candle ‘Nude’

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Give your desk, console or bookshelf a revamp with the  Nude Bubble candle. This 80's inspired decorative candle adds a quirky touch to any room.


Measured, Melted, Poured, Moulded and Finished by hand.

Features a Cotton braided wick

Packaged using recycled boxes and recyclable packaging 


60mm x 60mm x 60mm
6cm x 6cm x 6cm
2.36inch x 2.36inch x 2.36inch

Bubble Candle Weight


*The colour and finish may vary ever so slightly due to the properties of wax and plant based wax dye’s.



- Sandalwood & Vanilla

- Rose 

- Vanilla Bean (hints of warming nutmeg)

-Citrus - Lemongrass, Grapefruit , Sweet Orange 

- Shea Butter

- Lavender + Chamomile

- Hot Cacao + Vanilla

Apple + Cinnamon 

- Fig 

- Eucalyptus 

- Pumpkin Spice 

Size- 6x6x6 cm

Weight- 150g

All of our candles are lovingly hand poured in small batches, each is unique and some minor imperfections may occur

BURN TIME 5+ hours


We recommend using our candles as ornamental pieces however if you decide to take a lighter to your candle we advise burning in a heatproof dish.

Please burn responsibly and follow safety guidelines.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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