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The Aventurine Facial Massage Set

The Aventurine Facial Massage Set

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The Glow Circle Aventurine Facial Massage Set takes its foundations from ancient Chinese healing.

From 100% high-grade natural stone The Aventurine Facial Massage set helps breathe radiance into the skin. Traditionally used to reduce signs of ageing, the gentle stroking action of this trusted tool increases blood circulation to refine, tone and smooth skin.

We at Glow Circle love the meaning being such a previous handcrafted crystal. Known as a positive and lucky stone, green aventurine ensures the odds are always in your favour. The positive energy of this stone is conducive to prosperity and good luck while attracting more opportunities and abundance into your life. 

The  Aventurine Facial Massage set work to relieve tension and help to better absorb your facial products. When you perform these techniques consistently, you will see glow-boosting benefits.


Aventurine Facial Massage Set 

1 x Glow Circle Aventurine Jade Roller 

1 x Glow Circle Aventurine Gua Sha 

1 x Ecofriendly 100% GOTs Cotton Washbag



  • Start with a clean face and prep skin with a moisturiser
  • Use with gentle stroking actions on the face and neck, taking care around the eyes. 
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